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Distant Reiki or Enkaku Chiryo (absentee treatment) has all of the benefits of an actual hands on Reiki session. It allows you to experience Reiki while being in your own home, office, or any other location. Reiki energy is not limited by time or distance, having its own innate intelligence that allows the Reiki energy to flow exactly where it is needed.

I will call you before your session to discuss any specific issues you would like addressed and will included a follow-up e-mail or phone call. We will make arrangements to pick a convenient time for you to receive the energy.

Reiki is a powerful and gentle healer and can be a very relaxing and soothing experience. Clients normally feel a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Most people who receive an energy healing session note an immediate decrease in their stress level, which has long been recognized as a major contributor to wellness.

Medical Astrology is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs. Each of the astrological signs (along with the sun, moon, and planets) is associated with different parts of the human body. After examining your individual natal brith chart, I will send you an email about the areas of the body in which they are most likely to experience trouble and ways in which you can support these parts and systems of the body.

In order for me to do a Medical Astrology write-up I will need your date of birth, time of birth and location at birth.

Energy work does not cure disease and is not intended to be the primary treatment for any health problem. Rather it is a complementary therapy meant to support other ongoing physical, mental, and emotional work.

After you purchase a session please email diamondmindreiki@gmail.com with your general schedule or what days/times may work for you. I may not be able to provide same day sessions. Please give me 24-48 hours to respond. Keep in mind your session may not necessarily take place within the same week as I can sometimes be booked out in advance.

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